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Music Quiz: 7 to 1 Top 5 Hits By Duos

It looks like John from won last week’s challenge, scoring 20/20 with 2:37 remaining. Congratulations to John and all the other full marks.

This week you need to link the top 5 hits to the duo.

I scored 24 out of 28 – I know my Simon and Garfunkel, but I’m a little hazy on all the others. I’m sure some of you can easily beat me. Record your score and time remaining below.

On my kick of 2019 releases, I’ve just added a review of the Supermoon EP to my Charly Bliss page. I think some blog readers will enjoy their power-pop sound – here’s my favourite song from the EP, ‘Threat’.

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  1. SCORE
    28/28 I knew all of them except one eighties duo…process of elimination.

  2. Was doing really well and then…wham!…I stumbled right at the end. Still pleased with my 26/28 score.

  3. 23/28. There were a couple of fairly esoteric ones I didn’t know.

  4. 18/28. I knew the Simon and Garfunkel , Hall & Oates and Wham hits. Less confident with the rest.

  5. 20 with 2:04 remaining. I don’t know enough of the Unchained Melody Brothers or anything of the Herb mob.

  6. 22 of 28. Like others knew S&G and then some but not all of others. Will definitely check out your review of Charly Bliss – love that band.

  7. 23 – it appears I know my Wham! but I get my Righteous & Everly Brothers mixed up

  8. 26/28 with 2:42 left on the clock. Not as great as least week, but not too bad I think. I’m glad to finally have won one as it has been a while.

  9. 23/28, how the hell I even managed that is beyond me. Not really my wheelhouse this one

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