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Music Quiz: Musical Artist Sorting Blitz VI

Beastie Boys Paul's Boutique

Last week’s quiz on finishing the band name proved quite easy, with lots of 95% and 100% scores. Congratulations to Jim, who finished one second ahead of J to take the title.

This week’s quiz is a tougher proposition. You need to sort artists by which decade they released their debut album, using the pattern 90s, 00s, 90s, 80s.

It’s not sudden death, but if you make a mistake you need to remember to keep following the pattern. So if you get a 1980s guess wrong, you need to move on to the 1990s, rather than keep trying to fill the 1980s slot.If you want to practice the concept first, you can try with this metal, country, pop, country quiz.

I scored 31/36. I found the cut-off between the 1990s and 2000s tricky.

How did you get on?

26 thoughts on “Music Quiz: Musical Artist Sorting Blitz VI Leave a comment

  1. Some of these confused me…their popularity sometimes didn’t match their debut. I do not like Brooks but I was a decade off… more than him also…this one was challenging. I actually got Nirvana because I remember Bleach

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  2. Yeah, I found that 90’s / 00’s cut off tricky. Still, it was one I never heard of that got me. Anyhoo, leaving any I wasn’t confident of till the end I managed to score 34. I’ll take that.

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    • Apparently he’s an American rapper, actor, businessman, record producer, philanthropist, and former basketball player. Pretty impressive to have an NBA contract and a pair of number one US albums, but I guess he wasn’t as big in NZ or the UK?


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