Music Quiz: Finish the Band Name

Congratulations to Jim S and Tony, who were the only 100% entries in last week’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ challenge, both finishing with no time left.

This week you need to complete the band name by clicking on the image. It’s pretty classic rock oriented, so I imagine that a lot of the regular participants will ace it.

I scored full marks in 1:14. Can you beat my time?


  1. My lack of chess knowledge was my downfall, as I only got 19/20. That was fun.

  2. Pretty easy this week. 19/20. Stumbled on Springfield clue. inexcusable as a Neil Young fan.

  3. 20 of 20 in 1:12. Have to say I found this one the easiest quiz of yours I have done. Probably would have been faster but forgot at first that you had to click on picture – was looking for the line to type. 🙂 Sorry I missed last week’s – just did it for fun and came in with 34 before ran out of time.
    Fun as always!

  4. SCORE
    20/20 … Great day!
    Guessed on 21 ______

  5. 100% in 1 minute, 3 seconds. Easy-peasy. I dropped the view on the screen so I didn’t get distracted by the band picture, focusing only on the band name and pictures.

  6. 20 – with 2:46 remaining. So i can not beat your time, but we can tie!

  7. 20/20 with 2:31 – I’m surprised I know a lot of bands past and present.

  8. 20/20 in a 1:09. Finally, one I actually know the answers

  9. Full marks in 1:04. That’s probably my best bit of form with these quizzes!

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