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Music Quiz: Cover the Alphabet – Bohemian Rhapsody

Congratulations to Tony who scored 18 out of 20 in 1990s one hit wonders quiz, and shoutouts to Geoff and jprobichaud who were close behind on 17. Also, I’m impressed by anyone who recognised 69 Boyz or Us3.

This week’s quiz requires you to name a word for each letter of the alphabet from ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’.


I scored 48/48 with 18 seconds to spare. Can you equal my score and beat my time?

In other music news, this cool info-graphic came out a few weeks ago, but I only sat down and watched it recently. I enjoyed it, but I was bemused by the inclusion of Billy Joel as a best-selling artist starting in the fourth quarter of 1971. His 1971 album Cold Spring Harbor peaked at number 202, while 1973’s Piano Man didn’t go gold until 1975. I understood that he didn’t make the big leagues until 1977’s The Stranger, so I’m bemused by his inclusion so early.


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  1. Boy, I had to think about what the hell they were talking about for a minute. Then it clicked in. Got’em all! But with NO TIME LEFT. Photo finish, right down to the wire.

  2. Holy crap that was a tough one. 18 but barely scraped it – no time left at all. Couldn’t get the spelling for that other name for Satan right

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