Music Quiz: One Hit Wonders of the 1990s

No-one scored full marks last week, but we had three contenders who fell agonisingly close at 17/18. Congratulations to Rich Kamerman, Tony, and Paul!

This week you need to identify the artist behind some 1990s one-hit wonders.

I scored 14/20 – can you beat my score?

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  1. So pathetic I won’t even say. The response to my results said, “A perfectly cromulent score.” Interestingly, I knew 13 songs but I did not know who did the majority of them. Shame on me for not getting the ‘Tubthumping’ band. All I can say is you’re never gonna keep me down.

  2. 14/20 is impressive! I’m pretty sure I’d recognize most of the tunes from my school days but I wouldn’t be able to place the artist’s names aside from 2-3 on the list.

  3. OK I knew my time at the top would most likely be short lived, but talk about a fall off the cliff avalanche – 4 of 20 – hey I could hum most of the tunes! But getting the old memory to gear up for songs 30 years ago was just too much today. I’d say I recognized about 7 additional artists and the others – that’s why they were one hit wonders, I guess. And of course now I have I’m Too Sexy, Macarena, and Mambo #5 running through my brain, so thanks for that!

  4. SCORE
    I got the “walking” one in the last few seconds…the guy just popped in my head. I got more than I thought I would. I always liked Lullaby…

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