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Music Quiz: First One, Last One

It turns out that lots of people were ready to rock last week. Congratulations to Tony, who scored 25/25.

This week you need to answer some trivia questions.


I scored 18/18. Fortunately I had the first performer of Woodstock 1969 tucked away in my brain somewhere.

Can you also score full marks? Can you beat my time of 1:54?

Has anyone been keeping up with the latest HAIM singles? This is the poppiest of the three, but I like the carwash scene:

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  1. So close, but I didn’t remember that the British film director was married to Ms. Ciccone, so 17/18 for me. I’m not sure about that Fleetwood Mac clue, since there was another female member after the answer the quiz was looking for, who was with them for one album.
    I’ve heard some HAIM songs that are pretty good but they’re not a group I care much about. That song is okay but not in my musical wheelhouse.

    • I completely forgot there was another female Fleetwood Mac member – she’s been totally written out of history, right? Noone really talks about the two albums while Buckingham was out of the band. Buckingham never gets enough credit – Nicks had the voice and the personality, but Buckingham was the musical genius in the band.

  2. I should have paid better attention in music class! 14/18
    Not feeling the new Haim singles. Summer Girl iis distractingly similar to Walk on the Wild Side

  3. 13/18. I blew it on the last word of ‘Rhapsody.’ I love ‘Four Seasons’ but (duh) could not think of first and last. And I totally blew it on orchestra section. SECTION, dummy. I keep thinking instrument. Oboe? Is xylophone an orchestra instrument? Etc.

    • I thought if you got a four season wrong, it would be because you were trying to put in “fall”. I had no idea which was first and last, but just tried them all.

      • I may be in the autumn of my days, but I can usually spring back from these. Summer easy; alas, this is the winter of my discontent.
        BTW, oddly enough, i just listened to a Haim tune the other day. Why? I was buying a new pair of headphones and I wanted to listen to something that was produced recently so I grabbed that at random. I don’t recall the name of the tune but it sounded pretty good.

  4. 17/18 – I had no idea who the first performer at Woodstock was.
    I really dug the first Haim album but the songs I heard from the second album didn’t float my boat so much. Will check out the new ones – I keep seeing them pop up all over the place.

    • Richie Havens became somewhat of an accidental star because of Woodstock. This is from series of a few years back:
      (Promoter) Michael Lang’s next priority, once the stage was built, was to get some music going. There were records being played but the crowd was restless for the real thing. Lang tried to get several of the performers to go on first but no one wanted the job.
      He kept working folk singer Richie Havens but Havens wanted no part of it. But Lang practically begged him.
      And so at 5:07 pm, Havens walked out on stage. And played. And played. And played. And since there was no act ready to follow him, Lang kept sending him out there.
      Havens eventually ran out of songs and – inspired by the event – just started singing the word “Freedom,” hoping it would lead somewhere. Eventually, this segued into “Motherless Child.”

  5. Oooft. 11. That’s a shocking turn. But I’m gonna use the excuse that I used my phone and, eh, well, y’know… awkward and that.
    I haven’t heard any of the new Haim tracks. I liked some of their stuff a lot, but the albums didn’t keep my attention.

  6. 17/18. Had not idea the first Woodstock performer. Proud of this score – fun quiz, all over the place in terms of categories.

  7. Digging the Haim single you posted – will have to check out the rest of the new stuff. I really loved their first album, this song reminds me of that stuff. Their second album didn’t do as much for me. Saw them in concert on that first tour and they were alot of fun – you could tell they were just having fun and enjoying themselves.

    • I really like all three new songs so far. There’s a mellow one called ‘Hallelujah’ where they all have turns singing, and there’s one that sounds like ‘Walk on the Wild Side’. Apparently Danielle’s picked up some really good production skills over the years.

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