Music Quiz: Singers by Top 3 Songs

Rich Kamerman scored a decisive win in last week’s hits of the 1970s quiz – he didn’t stop until he got enough, and attained the big shot score of 50/50.

This week’s challenge is a bit easier – you need to name a solo artist from three of their hits. It does cover a lot of eras, but it’s a lot easier when you only need to know one of the songs.

Can this smouldering Neil Diamond photograph inspire you to full marks? Can you beat my time of 1:20.


  1. 30/30. 3:31 remaining. Easy-peasy this week. Had to guess a few near the end where it was 50/50. And if you think that picture of Neil Diamond was smoldering, what the heck was going on here?

  2. 28/30 w/ 03:32 left. Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars held me back from a perfect run

  3. Wow, I can’t believe I was the only one to 50/50 last week. I’m strutting like a peacock as I type this. Haha. Just got another perfect score but I couldn’t match your time. 30/30 for me with 3:58 remaining.

  4. Nope. 80%. Whatever that is. I totally bombed out with all the 2000s pop artists.

  5. 28/30! Though I think it is perhaps a good thing that I couldn’t name Bruno Mars’s greatest hits…

  6. Dang it…29/30. I got Celine confused with Whitney. Even if I would have gotten them all right, I would have done it in 1:32, so not as fast as you.

  7. 30/30 with 4:15 on the clock. Love a quick fire round

  8. 30 – and you beat me by 24 seconds!

  9. 26 of 30 – the big current stars I didn’t get since I don’t listen to radio and am not really into them – Rhianna, Beyonce, Ed Sheeran, Usher. Thought I was heading for a perfect score but SCREECH, off the road into the ditch of current mega stars!

  10. A bit late to the party, but joining in for the fun of it – 27.

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