Music Quiz: Singers by Top 3 Songs

Rich Kamerman scored a decisive win in last week’s hits of the 1970s quiz – he didn’t stop until he got enough, and attained the big shot score of 50/50.

This week’s challenge is a bit easier – you need to name a solo artist from three of their hits. It does cover a lot of eras, but it’s a lot easier when you only need to know one of the songs.

Can this smouldering Neil Diamond photograph inspire you to full marks? Can you beat my time of 1:20.


      1. Heh! I would be embarrassed to do a pose that was anything like that. i guess it worked for whatever he was trying to accomplish.. My wife used to work with a woman who saw his every show. She managed to get called on to come up on stage and practically molested the guy.

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  1. 26 of 30 – the big current stars I didn’t get since I don’t listen to radio and am not really into them – Rhianna, Beyonce, Ed Sheeran, Usher. Thought I was heading for a perfect score but SCREECH, off the road into the ditch of current mega stars!

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