Music Quiz: Hits of 1979

Thanks to everyone who indulged me by participating in my piano clips challenge. The scoring was a little nebulous, but it looks like Rich Kamerman burnt his fuse out there alone for the highest score.

This week you need to fill in the gaps for fifty 1979 hits.

Like always, it’s a reminder of how pop music charts mix the sublime and the ridiculous, and that everyone’s definition of each is different. For the record, I hate the Dr. Hook song (and I still think the abstinence movement is missing a trick by not using ‘Sharing the Night Together’ as their signature song, maybe in conjunction with childbirth footage…..). I also think ‘What A ____ Believes’ is a work of genius, despite not enjoying most of Michael McDonald’s back-catalogue.

I scored 50/50 in 4:12. Can you beat my time? I was a bit slow as I had to use elimination for the last few. Do you have a favourite song in the bunch?

Want to learn more about the Cheap Trick hit?


  1. Whew, that was exhausting but also in my musical wheelhouse so a relatively easy 50/50 with 3:10 left on the clock. While not my favorite song of theirs, I don’t hate that Dr. Hook song. Guess you had to be there at the time…and I was. I’ll always have a soft spot for their “Cover Of The Rolling Stone.” My favorites in this quiz would be the songs by Michael Jackson, The Doobie Brothers, Charlie Daniels, The Cars, Supertramp, Wings, Toto, Nick Lowe, Little River Band, Earth Wind & Fire, Blues Brothers, Billy Joel, The Knack, Dire Straits, Cheap Trick and Chic. In fact, I believe I own just about every album by all of those artists, with the exception of Michael Jackson & Chic, where I only own a few key albums or a comprehensive compilation.

  2. I never did get around to your quiz last week and this week’s score is too embarrassing to mention. I’ll blame it on the late nights in the last couple but really, 1979 is probably not my year.

  3. SCORE
    48/50 … Being around my older sister back then is the reason I knew a lot of these…especially Kenny Rogers.

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