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Music Quiz: Aphoristic Murders the Classics #2

Congratulations to jprobichaud and Rich Kamerman, who tied for first place with 22/26 in last week’s edible musician quiz.

Welcome back for another music clip challenge. I play 13 songs on piano, you try and guess them. I think this quiz is a bit more professional than the last one – I got proper music for most of the songs and recorded them one by one, rather than trying to play them all at once.

You can listen first before taking on the quiz:

You can take the quiz at:

How did you get on?

14 thoughts on “Music Quiz: Aphoristic Murders the Classics #2 Leave a comment

  1. I did this today and only got 10/26… That is not too good…There are a few that the words just would not come… I had a lot of fun with this one.

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  2. Nice playing, Graham. Although technically I got 14/26 my score is actually 15/26 because I forgot to type in the title of a song that I knew before I clicked the “Give Up” button. So I was able to recognize 7 of the 13 songs you played and one of your clues pointed me to the artist but I couldn’t remember the name of the song. Of the ones I missed I definitely should have recognized one of them and possibly two, but overall I’m pleased with my results.

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