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Music Quiz: Edible Musicians

Congratulations to the contestants who scored 100% in last week’s Connect the Dots quiz, with Tony recording the fastest score.

This week’s challenge requires you to name musicians with food in their name. You can find it here.

I scored 17/26, which was well above the average, but still eminently beatable. Can you beat my score?


  1. Pretty dismal. 12/26. After I gave up, I said “Oh, yeah” on a couple. I might have gotten one more but that’s about it. Fun, though.

  2. 18/26 – that’s a lot of cherries. Took a wild “think of a band with food in its name” and it turned out they were behind The Distance. Great quiz

  3. 11. That was fun! Got about 8 right off the bat and then nothing. Was banging my head trying to remember the artist for the song going in my head. Then I resorted to trying to think of all different types of food to see if anything hit. Yes kind of pathetic but what can I say. 🙂

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