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Music Quiz: Connect The Dots Rock! Quiz

Last week’s rap lyric quiz stumped most of our entrants, with Geoff 1001 Stephen high-scoring with 11/18.

This week we’re back in the rock saddle. Can you link the songs to the artist’s first letter and make a pretty picture in the process?

I scored 23/23 in 1:32 – can you beat my time? Can U2 Rush through and become the Cream of the crop?


  1. Well, that was a breath of fresh air, combining musical knowledge & “art.” Haha. I also got 23/23 with 3:23 left on the clock, so I was 5 seconds slower than you. I’ll blame my advanced age for that.

  2. Well, sez I. Aphoristical went pretty easy on us this week as I breezed through. And then totally blew it. 19/23.

  3. 19 out of 23, with 2:36 remaining. I’ll be content with that.

  4. 20/23. Couple minutes remaining. Love the art.

  5. SCORE
    That was a cool one.

  6. 23/23 with 03:54 on the timer, bit of a quick fire one on the coffee

  7. 22 of 23 only because my computer was going slow and I miss read my answer.

  8. Geoff 1001 Stephen – I should put that on a business card!
    And that’s fantastic that barely passing was enough last week!
    This week, 23/23 with 3:28 remaining

  9. 23 with 3:07 on the clock (which I attribute to using the phone today). I’ve missed a few, so I’m gonna catch up with them at some point.

  10. 18 of 23 – was playing in my phone so had no idea what the picture was til end – not sure would have helped. But liked the different format

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