Music Quiz: Like a Song Lyric

Congratulations to JP Robichaud, who astounded us all with his musical instrument knowledge with a perfect 16/16.

This week you need to complete the song lyrics that contain a like.

Can you master the similes? I scored 26/26 in 02:33 – can you beat my time?


  1. When I read the names of artists I’ve never even heard of, my heart sank. But by dint of a process of elimination and trusting the rules of grammar, ended up with the identical score and time to Geoff. 26 with 3:15 to go.

  2. Don’t worry, it wasn’t easy at least not for me. I struggled immensely and I am blaming it on it being too early. I am not posting my score as it won’t win unless we are going for lowest. If so, let me know as I might win that one.

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