Music Quiz: 1990 Albums Picture Click

Last week’s quiz generated a bunch of scores in a narrow range – congratulations to Rich, Max, and Bruce all made it to 20/24.

This week’s quiz requires you to click the 1990 album covers – it’s the era of MC Hammer, New Kids on the Block, Whitney Houston, and Pantera.

I scored 24/24 thanks to some educated guessing. Can you join me on full marks? Can you better my time – I had 4:30 to spare.


        1. Yeah. I pegged out at 8. Who has heard of ‘Diamond Head’ other than the Phil Manzanera album? (And it took me six goes to get that. When it went on to born-again fricking Christian metal players I departed, sighing).

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  1. Greeting from Germany! 18 of 24 which I am satisfied with given that we have established that the 90s weren’t my era musically. It helps when the artist puts themselves on the album cover! 😀

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