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Music Quiz: Song Time

Tony loaded up on the coffee to score a very fast 24/24 last week – congratulations to Max and Rich who also attained the perfect score.

This week’s quiz requires to click the song titles in order from shortest to longest. You need to filter out information that’s not related to time – for example for ‘3/5 of a Mile in 10 Seconds’, the only relevant part is the “10 seconds”. It’s sudden death, so you need to be be focused and organised.

I scored 15/18 (although I tried a second time so I could nail full marks…). This week I’m accepting second attempts if you bomb out the first time, as it’s an unusual format.

Also, in case you’re interested in what I’ve been covering recently on this site, here are the half-dozen most recent pages:

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  1. 18 with a just under a minute left on the clock, thankfully I’m caffeine free this time of night so I was able to slow down and think

    • It was a tough one – surprised there have been so many full marks. Also, it doesn’t really utilise your years of accumulated musical knowledge.

  2. 15 of 18 on first try, then all 18 second time with 51 secs left (hey you said we had two tries!) The rain one tripped up first time. That was definitely challenging – I felt my brain hurting!!

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