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Music Quiz: Complete Sentence Bands

Yes Fragile Album

Congratulations to Geoff, who dominated last week’s piano quiz with a 20/28, clearly ahead of the rest of the field.

One song people struggled with was Ariana Grande’s ‘Into You’ – here’s a version on Youtube, where someone replaced the instrumentation with metal, for people who don’t enjoy her usual R&B/pop:

This week’s quiz requires you to name bands whose names are complete sentences. I found it interesting – it threw up a bunch of semi-obscure groups.

I scored 12/14 – can you beat me?

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  1. A couple of well-considered guesses at the end got me to 14/14 this week with 3:19 remaining. As for the metal version (or any version) of Ariana Grande, um…no thanks. Instead, I recommend spending 3 minutes with this mash-up of Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love” and Maiden’s “The Trooper” because…well, why not? 😀

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    • The music scene is fragmented these days, so it’s a question of knowing the right millennials. OK Go are noteworthy for their music videos, which are worth watching, and IMO completely overshadow their songs.


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