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Music Decades Quiz: Week 6, 1980s

Welcome back to the last episode of the 6 week decade challenge. Let’s check the leader-board.

jprobichaud 72%
Jim S74%
Rich K81%

Tony’s opened up a substantial lead at the front, and Rich is comfortably ensconced in second, but there’s a tight race on for third. The big mover last week was J., who was strong on the 1990s with 49/50.

This week’s quiz is about the 1980s – last week focused on acclaimed albums, this week’s about the hits:

I scored 43/56 – can you beat me?

While I’ve been fine about letting people catch up if they miss a week, this time please get your score in by Wednesday 3 June at noon NZ time. That way I can announce the final standings in next week’s quiz.

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  1. 44/56. And as measly as that is, this quiz has affirmed that the ’80’s were probably the last decade where I was paying much attention to who did what. Or at the very latest, the early ’90’s with “grunge.” There were a couple of songs here that I could hear in my head (“Always Something There to Remind Me,” “Kyrie,” “Hold Me Now,”) but whose band names I wouldn’t get if I stared at it for the rest of my life. And I knew “Rock of Ages” was a metal band, just didn’t know which one. I will have to settle for a consolation prize, realizing that the winners need to get a life. {snort}

  2. As expected (not in a cocky way but just because those were my high school & college years), I knew I would do pretty well with the ’80s, so I’m pleased with my 54/56. Had they included “Caribbean Queen” or “Get Out Of My Dreams (Get Into My Car)” for a particular aquatically-named artist that would have been an easy one but I didn’t recognize the song titles for him. The other one I missed was an R&B vocal group that I should have gotten but couldn’t quite remember their name. All in all a fun collection of decades-spanning quizzes. My brain needs a rest now.

  3. 39 of 56 – comfortably bringing up the rear going into it – perhaps I can move up a spot or 2. There were a couple where I was driving myself nuts ’cause I was singing the tune but was blanking on the band name!

    Thanks for doing these – these are alot of fun.

  4. “I scored 43/56 – can you beat me?”
    No. But close. Very very close. 42.
    Maybe not the highest total but I’ll settle for the meaning of life.
    (At the end i was typing in random bands and hoping for the best! Never have touch typing skills been so useful)

  5. I got 50 here, I actually guessed a couple wrong but the auto-complete element saved me. I’m also getting funny looks as I completed this one in the office and my coffee and humming the songs technique translates well in an open-plan environment.
    As a child most of these were on constant play on the radio in the car etc so some of these are indelibly printed on my mind (not always a good thing)

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