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Music Decades Quiz: Week 5, 1990s

The 1970s quiz last week threw out some divergent scores, and the leader board now looks like this:

Rich K80%
Jim S80%

As before, if you missed a week or two, feel free to go back and complete them, so you can be counted in the final score. You can find previous weeks at

This week’s challenge takes place in the 1990s – link the album to the artist.

I scored 100% as I’m a 1990s kid. I don’t always consider myself a big fan of 1990s music, but I liked this quiz as it was diverse and covered some favourites from outside the usual big sellers. The average was 34%, so I’m interested to see how you all get on.

I unwisely read the comments section, and there’s several examples of people using one of the worst argument in the history of human thought – if I haven’t heard of it, it sucks…

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  1. I did exactly as I expected for the ’90s with 41/50. If I was able to see the album covers I probably would have gotten them all but just based on album titles I’m happy with my results. I turned 30 in the middle of the ’90s so I was much less interested in popular music than I was in previous decades. I still listened to just as much new music back then but most of my favorites did not trouble the charts. Okay, now I’m ready for the ’80s.

  2. 26 of 50 and content with that score since for the ones I didn’t get while I recognized the band names had no clue on some of the album titles. And hey its better than the poll average (not that that means much).

        • One of the problems I have with 1990s music is that CD technology allowed for longer albums. Lots of potentially good records ended up as 60 bloated minutes when they could have been 40 tight minutes. I always feel a bit reactionary against the stuff like grunge and RHCP that my generation’s supposed to enjoy, but there’s lots of good stuff around too. Music was really fragmented by this point, so there’s always going to be some niches out there to enjoy. Looking at, I enjoy most of the stuff at the top of the list.

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