Music Decades Quiz: Week 1, 1960s

For the next 6 weeks, you’re invited to join a decades quiz – as well as having a weekly winner, I’ll tabulate our scores to find a champion across the different decades of pop (from the 1960s to the current decade).

Let’s start with the 1960s. This quiz gives you 3 song names, and you need to identify the artists. Note, there was one flaw I notice – the quiz wanted a quartet, when the answer to me seemed to be a trio. If you have trouble, put some Neil at the end.

I scored 44/50, once I gave myself a point for the issue that I pointed out above. So my first round score is 88%.

Congratulations to Tony, who was the best of the challengers in last week’s quiz, with 37/40.


  1. 49/50. Damn, Sam. That one went by fast. The one I missed is the “I wanna be your dog” guys. I think I’ll do well in the 70’s, OK in the 80’s and then all downhill from there.

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  2. Whew, that was fun…maybe because most of them were very easy. My final score was 47/50. I should have gotten at least one (a certain blind piano-playing genius)…not sure how I missed it…and the other two I know but would not have remembered if I had an extra 10 minutes to complete the quiz. I expect several perfect scores this week but I’m very pleased with my performance. Bring on the ’70s!

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    1. It’s amazing how “blind piano-playing genius”can refer to more than one person in pop music. I think we’ll jump forward to a more recent decade next week, and save the middle decades (80s and 90s) to sort out the winners.


    1. I got that one, although it is a handful to type. I couldn’t remember the Crimson and Clover guy and his band, which is similar though. If I remember correctly, you didn’t do so well in the last 60s quiz, so that’s a good score.


      1. I found that out with Creedence…when I finally did CCR… I will do that next time. Me just trying to hurry and mistype doesn’t help.

        Another stupid thing I did…I tried Janis Joplin twice…until it hit me…duh….band. Big….

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  3. 33 of 50 – took me way longer than I thought it would to answer and kind of ran out of time. Will have to really kick butt in future ones to have a chance to catch up

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