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Music Quiz: 1980s Artists on Their Album Covers

Congratulations to Tony, who scored 48/50 in a 2000s music quiz that produced wildly divergent scores.

Since we competed in a 1960s the week before, where the older generation dominated, it seems only fair to split the difference and meet in the 1980s.

Your challenge is to name 25 acts from their images on their 1980s album covers. I scored 22/25 – I’m not very well versed in bands with perms….

In other news, in the past week I became two degrees of separation from Taylor Swift. My lovely former colleague Courtney Montague now manages her sister’s art business. In 2014, Kelsey Montague painted her first interactive mural in New York City. Taylor Swift posed in front of it, and posted it on Instagram. The shot went viral, launching Kelsey Montague Art to unanticipated success.

Five years later, Swift remembered Montague’s work, and commissioned her to paint a mural to launch her new single, ‘Me!’, generously shining some of the spotlight on her and meeting her in person. You can see photos here:

My newest blog title idea is “Not Even Trying To Be Cool”. Thoughts?


  1. 23/25…. I thought I had this one. The line of the day “I’m not very well versed in bands with perms”…

    How cool is that for Kelsey Montague… you can’t buy that publicity. I like her artwork.

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      1. That made me think a lot her doing that. Being that famous you can really help talented people who might not get that chance.

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  2. 23/25. I could not get that black woman. And when it was revealed I did not recognize her from that picture. I also guessed one other guy but spelled his name incorrectly. Those thumbnail pix were too small for these eyes.

    As to the proposed blog name, sorry, meh.

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  3. 21/25. Possible my score would be higher if the images were bigger. A bit on the small side

    I can relate to the “Not Even Trying To Be Cool” title. Someone said on my blog I was “post-cool” which has a similar meaning.

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  4. I scored 20 there. A couple I might have got if the images were bigger.

    Blog name: I think the current title is still the front runner.

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  5. 21 of 25 – I also had trouble with the hair bands, esp since for one of them, I thought it was a girl group at first what with all the lipstick! Cool story re: your colleague and Taylor Swift.

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