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Music Quiz: Acclaimed Music’s Top 50 Artists of the 2000s

Happy ANZAC day in New Zealand (and happy 75th birthday to my dad). Congratulations to Enthusiastic Music fan Jim S, who scored 29/29 in last week’s 1960s flop singles quiz.

This week, I’ve purposely chosen a quiz that favours a younger demographic. You need to name 50 critically acclaimed artists of the first decade of the 21st century.

Feels like a tough quiz this week – it’s heavy on indie guitar bands. I scored 45/50. How did you get on?

Thanks for the blog name suggestions – I’m going to think on it for a while, as nothing’s bowled me over yet. There’s no hurry with the change.

33 thoughts on “Music Quiz: Acclaimed Music’s Top 50 Artists of the 2000s Leave a comment

  1. 50/50. I’m on a roll!

    Totally kidding. 10/50, my worst score ever. This was so bad I gave up with like, three minutes left. There were a couple I should have guessed, then there was one person from my (or even older) generation that just didn’t click in. One I protest. I won’t say the name of it but I named the band who originally did it but they were looking for the artist who covered it. Unfair! (Not that it would have mattered much)

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    • Funny – I almost spat out my tea when the 50/50 popped up in a notification. I guess the band you’re referring to is more likely to turn up in a 1990s list. I looked it up, and they’re in the top 50 for 1990s, but #297 for 2000s.


  2. 37/50. I did alright. Another hard one. Haha. I say this knowing full well that you perhaps had me in mind as one of your younger demographic…

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  3. I’m proud of my 24/50 score as someone in his early 50s who is aware of most of these artists but many have flown under my radar. Had I guessed at a few more artists from the last 15-20 years I probably could have stumbled on more correct answers but this is a pretty accurate assessment of my knowledge of “modern” popular music.

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    • I don’t know how many of these qualify as current any more, but 24’s a good effort. I’d expect a 2010s poll to have markedly different artists, as most artists only really have ten years or so at their best.


  4. 36 for me this week. Some in there I’ve heard of, but don’t really know… and a couple I thought “ah! Of course” when I saw the answers.

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      • Mine were strictly on memory of the album titles. I hesitated in love and theft since don’t consider Dylan a artist from this century but then again he has consistently put out albums and is still out there touring – timeless

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