Music Quiz: 3 'Flops', 1 Act: 1960s

Greetings from Lower Hutt, New Zealand, where we are currently experiencing a bumper feijoa crop. Congratulations to Tony, proprietor of , who scored an impeccable 20/20, while many of us were stranded on 14 – good work to everyone who broke the 14 barrier.

This week’s quiz requires you to identify three flop singles from different 1960s acts. I found it education to find out which great 1960s records flopped.

I scored 28/29 – I’m not very up to speed on pre-Beatles music, including Mr. Ray Charles. Let me know how you get on this week – I’m assuming that the setting of the quiz will favour the quiz contestants with more life experience.

Thank you for the people who suggested blog names last week. Here are some that came in that I especially like – let me know if there are any that you like:
Chief Musical Advisor
Ministry of the Musical Mainstream
Tune Evaluator
Pondering Music
Thinking Person’s Music
Smart Notes/Smart Riffs
Think Music


  1. 29/29, 2:05 remaining. Yeah this one either favors us more “mature” types or those who dig deep into their musical historty catalog. Playing by phone this week as wife and I are on musical/culinary tour of New Orleans.
    Namewise, I like Pondering Music or Smart Notes/Smart Riffs. Or perhaps, Pondering Music: The Thinking Person’s Guide to Smart Songs. (Or something like that.)

  2. 27/29 for me. One artist covered a Sam Cooke song so I clicked his name. That threw me off my game and missed the next one before recovering.
    As for alternate blog names Pondering Music is the only one I like. The others seem either clunky or pretentious.
    Nice job by Jim with that 29/29. I bow before you.

  3. 21/29. I could hear the songs in my head but was unsure as many were covered by different artists.
    I like the use of ‘notes’ with its double meaning of review and musical notation. Not sure about smart (overused) and riffs (makes me think of 70s guitar rock and huge valleys in East Africa).

  4. 25/29 that was a lot of fun. With 20 seconds I started to wildly guess…I had Cliff Richard, Glen Campbell, Warwick and someone else left I can’t remember.

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