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Music Quiz: Song Prequels

Last week’s quiz was general knowledge oriented and a little tough. Two players joined me on 12/14 – congratulations WDEOD and Rich Kamerman.

This week’s quiz requires some imagination. You need to name songs based on what their prequels could be titled? For example, if the answer is “Ten Years Gone”, the clue could be “Nine Years Gone”, the prequel.


It’s a little cryptic in places, and I scored 14/20. Try and beat me!

I’m still thinking of alternate names for this blog. I like to cover a broad range of music (at least in terms of time frame), so I’ve been trying to think of a common thread that unifies the music I write about. One commonality that I’ve thought about is that I generally enjoy music that’s relatively intelligent. I’m thinking about a tag line like “A blog for music that won’t insult your intelligence”, but I need a title to go with it. Any suggestions?


  1. 16/20. No way I was gonna get Kesha and Pitbull, whoever they may be. I should have – but did not – get the Sex Pistols one. After that I guessed wildly. For Notorious B.I.G, forget “Dad Got Fat.” As to the Bruno Mars one, after several shots at it I guessed the right answer not even knowing it was really a song. Just made sense logically.

    As to your blog title, still thinking. As to your tag – is there really such a thing as intelligent music? ‘Coz that sure ain’t rock ‘n roll. 🙂

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        1. Never seen that – I’m pretty ignorant of movies containing violence in the last ten years, as my wife hates movie violence. She also hates girly rom-coms, so it’s not too bad.

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  2. 9/20. Of those missed, for two I could have kicked myself. The rest, never heard and probably never will.
    For the name, maybe try to incorporate your given name in – makes it more personal. Chris

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      1. Officialdom:
        Ministry of ..
        Secretariat of ..
        The Republican Inspectorate of …
        … Affairs Directorate
        Her Majesties …
        …Chief Musical Advisor
        The Office of …
        … Service

        Harmony and Discord
        Tune evaluator
        other music synonyms

        End up with something like
        “The Office of Harmony and Discord”
        “The Art of Music Advisory Service”

        d) None of the above


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  3. “You came. You saw. You conquered.”
    A couple of very lucky guesses, 20 seconds left on the clock, and more than a little frustration with the Sex Pistols song as I was convinced it referenced another of their songs but that might be my favourite quiz to date.

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  4. 17/20 so not too bad. that was really hard.

    Okay…on the name thing…last week you mentioned Middlebrow or something like that, but if you want it to be songs that are intelligent than Highbrow Music might work. good luck on the name.

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    1. Great score, but I’m trying to resist the urge to use the phrase “that’s what she said”.

      I always think Highbrow music is opera and classical – intelligent pop music is like middlebrow culture. But if I have to explain it, it’s probably not a good blog name.

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  5. I’m looking at a small statue I have on my desk of Rodin’s The Thinker and trying to figure out a title for you – I love the tag line. Thinking Man’s Music? Thinking Music? Pondering Music?

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  6. on the quiz, I laughed on the Michael Jackson one – I just started typing song titles and when I put in Beat It, it filled in the right answer and gave me credit. 🙂

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