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Music Quiz: Cover of Rolling Stone

Congratulations to Jim S. and Rich, who both scored 100% in last week’s Rock song quiz. Rich scored the fastest time, and I think it’s appropriate to quote a line from the Billy Joel album that he recently re-enacted the cover of.

Rich (Kamer)man, poor man, either way American
Shoved into the lost and found

Billy Joel – Close to the Borderline

This week’s challenge requires you to name famous musicians who have been featured on the cover of Rolling Stone.

I scored 29/40, which put me right on the Sporcle average for the quiz. As I’ve noted before, I’m never as good at visual quizzes, so I’m sure some of you will do a lot better.


  1. Ha! 40/40, 3:50 remaining. There were four that I did not recognize, one of whom I did when I made the screen bigger. (A woman.) I guessed (sort of) at one of the rappers. And the last guy I got – I won’t say what genre – I took a stab in the dark. It helps that I subscribed to RS for years and plus, you really have to be somebody to get on that cover. It’s an elite circle.

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  2. Whew, that was exhausting, but I’m thrilled with my 40/40 score, leaving 4:30 on the clock…and I did them all in order without having to skip anyone. Guess my old RS subscription from the ’80s and ’90s was helpful. Could have been a bit faster if I didn’t make a few spelling errors that had to be corrected. Thanks for the shout-out to my Glass Houses post and the excellent “Kam” reference. Nicely done.

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    1. Ditto badfingerbads. Plus despite the number of times I tried, Dr Dre did not appear. 37/40 And if I’m honest I had to go look how to spell one surname as I knew it was her.

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