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Music Quiz: Cover of Rolling Stone

Congratulations to Jim S. and Rich, who both scored 100% in last week’s Rock song quiz. Rich scored the fastest time, and I think it’s appropriate to quote a line from the Billy Joel album that he recently re-enacted the cover of.

Rich (Kamer)man, poor man, either way American
Shoved into the lost and found

Billy Joel – Close to the Borderline

This week’s challenge requires you to name famous musicians who have been featured on the cover of Rolling Stone.

I scored 29/40, which put me right on the Sporcle average for the quiz. As I’ve noted before, I’m never as good at visual quizzes, so I’m sure some of you will do a lot better.


  1. Ha! 40/40, 3:50 remaining. There were four that I did not recognize, one of whom I did when I made the screen bigger. (A woman.) I guessed (sort of) at one of the rappers. And the last guy I got – I won’t say what genre – I took a stab in the dark. It helps that I subscribed to RS for years and plus, you really have to be somebody to get on that cover. It’s an elite circle.

  2. Whew, that was exhausting, but I’m thrilled with my 40/40 score, leaving 4:30 on the clock…and I did them all in order without having to skip anyone. Guess my old RS subscription from the ’80s and ’90s was helpful. Could have been a bit faster if I didn’t make a few spelling errors that had to be corrected. Thanks for the shout-out to my Glass Houses post and the excellent “Kam” reference. Nicely done.

  3. 38 of 40. I recognized Whitney but could recall name. I could have stared at Brooks for several weeks and never gotten that.

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