Music Quiz: 50 "Rock" Songs


  1. 50/50, 5:37 remaining. I LOVED that one. My buddy Steve loves that song ___ Gave Rock ‘n roll to you.

  2. 90%… that was hard. Rock hard

  3. 50/50 with 5:49 left on the clock. Whew, that was a lot of rockin’ fun.

  4. 47/50. A lot of questions but fun.

  5. Jings! That was a tough one. 42 for me. I must not be rock enough.

  6. SCORE
    03:40 That was a good one…translation I knew most of them.

  7. We’re back to our usual tie!

  8. How are people doing so well…I guessed about half! Ended up with 42 thanks mostly to the predictabilty of lyrics and English grammar. Got 42 with a minute left…geez. Quite fun though. Thanks

  9. Dropped a few balls there with 45

  10. Couple of dodgy guesses resulted in 46. As that’s still an ‘A’, happy enough.

  11. Perfect Score! With 2:33 left. That was fun!

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