Music Quiz: 50 “Rock” Songs

Congratulations to Tony and Geoff, who both scored 32/32 in last week’s 1990s quiz, with Tony scoring the faster time.

This week you need to complete song titles with “rock” in them.

I scored 49/50 – I was tricked by two songs starting with “Rock Me”. Can you beat my score?


        1. It’s in the other island from me, so it feels surreal. New Zealand’s the last place I would have expected it – I didn’t realise, but apparently Christchurch is known for its right wing community. Weirdly, while it was unfolding at about 2pm in afternoon, a Muslim lady and her son from the neighbourhood had dropped in for a cup of tea, and so I could read her letters to her.


        2. Wow! Man, that’s all we’re buzzing about over here. We see this in the US all too often. Like you, NZ was the last place we expected it. Condolences.

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  1. How are people doing so well…I guessed about half! Ended up with 42 thanks mostly to the predictabilty of lyrics and English grammar. Got 42 with a minute left…geez. Quite fun though. Thanks

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