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Music Quiz: 1990s Song Title Beginnings II

Congratulations to all of our quiz participants last week. But a special mention goes to Jim, Rich, Aaron, 2Loud, J., and Tony, who all scored 100%, with Tony finishing at a blistering pace with 5:23 to spare.

This week’s quiz is centred around the pop hits of the 1990s – can you name the first word?

I scored 32/32 with 3:45 to spare. How did you get on?


      1. Hah. No not in that sense. In early 90s I was living in San Antonio Texas and kind of absorbed the whole country pop stuff – hell I had boots and a cowboy hat and learned to line dance. Then after moving back to DC area kind of focused on classic rock and Springsteen so not as up on the 90s stuff.

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        1. Yes and Brooks and Dunne and Cotton Eyed Joe.. in my defense I learned line dancing and country dancing as a way to pick up girls (and it worked) so….

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