Music Quiz: Band Name Pictograms

Congratulations to Geoff, Tony, and Murphy’s Law, who all scored 24/24 in what I thought was a tricky Jump, Run, or Walk Quiz.

This week’s challenge requires you to recognise bands from pictograms. There are a few tricky ones – I think I speak for us all non Americans when I say “that’s a freaking scone”.

I scored 21/22, thanks to that dastardly scone. Can you beat me?


  1. 21/22 for me. The “scone” didn’t stump me (since that’s actually a delicious baked good that’s popular in the part of America I’ve lived in for the past 3.5 years). The one I missed featured a tunnel or cave and I think that was very misleading. A different picture would have given me a perfect score. Oh well, I’m pleased with my results and enjoyed this quiz.

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  2. 21/22. Damn it. I blew it on the “scone” one. I knew what the food was called but I kept wondering about the carrot part. I know the band but it was the spelling of the second word that threw me off. And the first word wasn’t looking to identify that item at all. Anyway, that one was a lot of fun.

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  3. 19 of 22. that was fun. didn’t get fleetwood mac cause I was stuck on first picture being navy. kicked myself when answer came up. Also got stuck on the “scone” one and the van one – the second picture had no clue on.

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