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Music Quiz: Jump, Run, or Walk

Happy Valentines day (it’s already February 14 in New Zealand). Congratulations to hanspostcard from, who high scored with 27/30 in last week’s Buddy Holly, Richie Valens, and The Big Bopper.

This week’s quiz requires you to figure out whether 24 different songs are about running, jumping, or walking.

I scored 21/24. All the questions I got wrong were from the 1990s – I’m not really up with the play on Blues Traveler or Third Eye Blind. How did you score?

32 thoughts on “Music Quiz: Jump, Run, or Walk Leave a comment

  1. 24/24 today, I like a good quick-fire one. Can’t help but think as his hips get as shot as his voice DLR might start singing “Walk”
    Are you familiar with the Walk of Life Project?

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