Music Quiz: The Struggle is Real

Congratulations to last week’s entrants – all reported scores were 100%, with the fastest times from Tony, Rich, Murphy’s Law, and Aaron.

This week’s quiz requires you to identify musicians from some clues that show that the struggle is real.

I scored 22/22 with 4:36 remaining. Can you beat my time? What did you score?


  1. Got off to a good start & stumbled at the end when it came to the more current artists, whose lyrics & song titles are not in my wheelhouse. Ended up with 18/22. The struggle was real indeed.

  2. Good name for it… I failed and failed bad.

  3. A got a few then started guessing. Then threw a strop as I guessed wrong too often and gave up.

  4. 22/22 02:40 remaining on clock

  5. 20/22. Not good enough this week.

  6. 21 out of 22. I made a stupid mistake.

  7. 17 for me… some guessing going on, too.

  8. 22/22 4:29 – pretty easy after I got the feel of it

  9. “Even Tina Turner agrees: You’re simply the best!” What’s old Tina up to these days? Did she ever make it out of the Thunderdome?
    22/22 with 4:46 left on the cock

  10. 19/22. A couple I had to guess at and got stumped on

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