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Music Quiz: Famous People in Song Lyrics

We have two weeks of results to catch up on.

For Music Quiz: Click the Rock Stars A-Z, congratulations to Jim, badfinger20, 2loud2oldmusic, Tony, and Rich, who all scored 25/25.

In last week’s UK Annual Best seller quiz, congratulations to Chris, who scored 29/36.

This week’s quiz requires you to name the famous people mentioned in song lyrics.


I scored 27/30 – can you beat me?


  1. 29/30. I missed Harrison Ford. Once I narrowed it down, there were times when an obvious name would rhyme or it would have to a woman’s name or whatever.

  2. Doing a happy dance with my 30/30 score. I’m glad I work alone. Otherwise I would be getting some quizzical stares right now. That was a challenge and lots of fun, covering a wide array of artists. Oh, I had 3:38 left on the clock, in case you’re looking for tie-breakers.

  3. 30 for me – a couple of guesses based on rhyme and a little luck. The idea of ‘Ezra Pound and T S Eliot fighting in the captain’s tower’ still makes me wonder if Mr Zimmerman like to get small

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