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Music Quiz: Annual Best Sellers in the UK

Often this site and Sporcle quizzes in general, concentrate on the “canon” – albums that are critically acclaimed and have stood the test of time. These, however, are not always the highest sellers. 
Can you link the artist to the album for 36 years of best selling albums?
I scored 32/36 – can you beat my score? I like how it includes artists who don’t usually get much Sporcle time (Jason Donovan, Susan Boyle).
*I’m on vacation so I’m publishing this in advance – I don’t have last week’s winners at the time of going to (word)press.


  1. Lots of albums I’ve never heard. Some deliberately so. Others I may like if I were to raid my daughter’s collection to listen to them.

  2. Stinker to start the year – 17 before time ran out – many of the artists not familiar with or not familiar with their album title names. Can only go up from here!

  3. 28 for me, which ain’t too bad… I’m also pleased to report I remembered Jason Donovan’s album. Ha!
    Happy New Year to you; I hope you’re enjoying the vacation.

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