Music Quiz: Click the Rock Stars A-Z

Happy Christmas to all quiz participants and a special congratulations to Tony, who pulverised the field in last week’s Bob Dylan quiz, scoring a perfect 20 when the next best player scored 10.

This week’s quiz covers a more diverse group of artists than just Bob Dylan. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to identify 25 rock stars, from A-Z (there’s no X…).

I scored 24 out of 25, can you go one better and score 100%? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Got it, 25/25. I didn’t find this one particularly tough but I decided not to hyperventilate over it but take it slowly and first nail the ones that I absolutely positively knew. After some winnowing out, I was left with Joe Elliott and Dan Reynolds, two guys I wouldn’t recognize if I fell over them in the street. But a coin toss later and I got ’em both.

  2. SCORE
    03:34 woohoo… finally a perfect score. Dan Reynolds I guessed and got lucky

  3. 24 out of 25! My finger slipped and I clicked Anthony Kiedis for someone else (no really, :)) I did all the ones I knew and then did process of elimination – Dan Reynolds and Lars Ulrich were all left and went with my gut. Great holiday quiz!

  4. First time I fired it up, it wouldn’t let me click on the pictures. I refreshed and then it worked. So if it happens to anyone else, you’re not alone!
    I got 23/25, but I really think I got 24 because I don’t think I clicked that second one wrong – I’ll admit to the first one, but not the second! 😉

  5. 24/25 I got Robert Plant’s flowing gold curls crossed with Roger Daltrey’s flowing gold curls.

  6. Just back from my Christmas trip to visit my wife’s family and several friends I haven’t seen in a year, and I’m happy to return with a perfect score in this week’s quiz. Only one was a guess so it was easy to use the process of elimination. Much easier for me than last week’s quiz. Seems like I’m not the only one who feels that way.

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