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Music Quiz: Bob Dylan in the 1960s

Congratulations to Jim, Rich, and Aaron, who all scored 100% last week, with Rich having the fastest recorded time.

This week we’re going to carry on with the Dylan theme from Tuesday’s Bob Dylan post. Can you link two Dylan songs to each of his 1960s albums, as well as spotting the two non-album singles.

I’m not eligible to enter this week because I made this quiz…..

How did you get on? Let me know your score.

21 thoughts on “Music Quiz: Bob Dylan in the 1960s Leave a comment

  1. Pretty horrible, 10/20. The sad thing is I’m a big Dylan fan, know all those songs. I just haven’t listened to any of them in context of their albums in a long time so I struggled to remember what album they were on. Although that said, I did get the non-album singles as a sort of mini-consolation prize.

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  2. From the 1001, I think I’ve heard 5 of Dylans from the 60s – but there were another several on this quiz that I still haven’t explored! Amazing to think that 5 albums in 1 decade would be considered very prolific these days, but Dylan was just getting warmed up at that point.
    An almost pass for me!

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  3. Although I’m a big fan (big enough to own the Complete Albums box set, which replaced the original CD pressings I had previously owned, along with all of the Bootleg Series releases), I didn’t grow up with Dylan’s albums and I don’t have very good song/album recall for most of his catalog (especially his ’60s releases). That’s a long-winded way of saying I got a measly 6/20 this week. Once I missed the first six I just mentally gave up. I love all of the songs mentioned in this quiz but that wasn’t good enough for me this week.

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    • My first Dylan album was a three CD set named Masterpieces that was only ever released in Japan, NZ, and Australia. It originally came out in 1977, which was a great time to release a Dylan compilation since it’s arguably the end of his most essential stuff, and it had some b-sides and singles along with album tracks.


  4. 6/20 – My parents had Greatest Hits Volume 1 when I was a kid. When my stepfather in law passed he left me an external hard drive full of Dylan and the Beatles that I still haven’t fully dug through. In other words, this wasn’t in my wheelhouse, but I gave it a shot.

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