Music Quiz: David Bowie Through The Years

Congratulations to Tony (https://mumblingabout.com/), who narrowly defeated Murphy’s Law in last week’s Aphoristic Album Reviews Part 2 music quiz.

After an epic 50 question last week, this week’s quiz is a little shorter. There are 10 different shots of David Bowie throughout his career – your task is to match the image to the year.


I scored 9/10 – I found it gets tough in the middle years (the golden years?). Can you beat me in your knowledge of Bowie’s Sound and Vision? Let me know your score!


  1. You beat me I got 8 of 10.

  2. 10/10! I guess it helped that I explored his albums this summer, so still fresh in the mind.

  3. 5/10. Pretty lousy, just some random guessing in there.

  4. I got 6/10. I am horrible with timelines.

  5. 7/10 – I didn’t miss any until I hit the 1990’s

  6. 9/10 for me too. I got stumped between ’93 & ’99 but the others were obvious to me. Considering my multi-part Bowie series in 2011-2012 was the most visited of anything I’ve written, and also my favorite revisited catalog, I really should have gotten 100% this week.

  7. This will be easy… Oh… Ok, let’s not tell our score.

  8. OK so I binned because I played on a phone and didn’t realise if I scrolled there were more than four pictures for longer than I’m proud to admit. Yikes

  9. 8 for me – a couple of tricky ones in there.

  10. 9/10. ’99 was a queen bitch.

  11. 9/10 for me, the later years were the struggle – not much difference between ’09 and ’15

  12. 6/10, I like to believe this is because of Bowies timeless character rather than any inadequacy of memory on my part.

  13. 10/10 with 1:40 left on the clock! I have spent pretty much every day of the past several years listening to him, talking about him, and looking at the big framed picture of him on my wall though…

  14. 7-10. Helped that it was in chrono order so can go from younger to older pics to help

  15. Love Bowie – but apparently I didn’t keep track of his post-Labyrinth looks!

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