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Music Quiz: Aphoristic Album Reviews (part 2)

We had a lot of high scores in last week’s quiz, but only three players scored 40/40. Congratulations to J, Murphy’s Law, and Tony, who scored full marks, with Tony scoring the fastest time.

After a respite last week, we’re back to home-made quizzes. This week’s quiz is a sequel from the one a couple of weeks ago, covering the other half of the artists that I’ve featured to date on this blog. I’ve given you some clues:
i) Some hints about the artist’s style and gender
ii) The year they recorded their first album
iii) A famous song from the artist
iv) The answers are presented in alphabetical order. This quiz covers 50 artists – the first act is a band starting with P.

There are bunch of semi-obscure New Zealand acts in there, so like last time anything above 40/50 will be a very good score. I apologise in advance for any typos or ambiguous questions.

How did you get on? Let me know!

39 thoughts on “Music Quiz: Aphoristic Album Reviews (part 2) Leave a comment

  1. 30/50. Putrid. When the test ended and it filled in the answers, I realized I would not have gotten any of those if I’d stared at it for a year. I don’t know most of the NZ bands, one that I thought was NZ was actually Australian and wasn’t on there anyway, one guy I thought was British was American, etc. Like that. Where is my mind?

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  2. 33/50. I would not have got the one with a repeated name so the quiz kindly filled it in when I was trying to answer the next one. Similar for the Jerry one. Cheers – Chris

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    • Yeah, there’s an option that lets you let people guess last name only – it works so people don’t have to type so much, but kind of backfires in specific cases. I was trying to figure out why so many people had got the repeated name one… one of the more obscure acts on the list.

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      • They were quite popular in the UK. I still hear ‘(spoiler alert) What You Make It’ played on the radio.
        I got the Galveston one by suddenly remembering his sons’ band (after stupidly typing in Glen Campbell a number of times).

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        • They’re interesting for me, because I really don’t like their early stuff, but their last three albums are amazing. Most bands start off good, and run out of steam, Talk Talk went backwards.


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