Music Quiz: Aphoristic Album Reviews (part 2)

We had a lot of high scores in last week’s quiz, but only three players scored 40/40. Congratulations to J, Murphy’s Law, and Tony, who scored full marks, with Tony scoring the fastest time.

After a respite last week, we’re back to home-made quizzes. This week’s quiz is a sequel from the one a couple of weeks ago, covering the other half of the artists that I’ve featured to date on this blog. I’ve given you some clues:
i) Some hints about the artist’s style and gender
ii) The year they recorded their first album
iii) A famous song from the artist
iv) The answers are presented in alphabetical order. This quiz covers 50 artists – the first act is a band starting with P.

There are bunch of semi-obscure New Zealand acts in there, so like last time anything above 40/50 will be a very good score. I apologise in advance for any typos or ambiguous questions.

How did you get on? Let me know!

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  1. Another fun quiz. I’m guessing you enjoyed putting it together as much as your readers enjoy taking it. I scored a respectable 39/50. After seeing the ones I missed, I probably should have gotten 2 or 3 more. Keeping them in alphabetical order is very helpful.

  2. 30/50. Putrid. When the test ended and it filled in the answers, I realized I would not have gotten any of those if I’d stared at it for a year. I don’t know most of the NZ bands, one that I thought was NZ was actually Australian and wasn’t on there anyway, one guy I thought was British was American, etc. Like that. Where is my mind?

  3. 33/50. I would not have got the one with a repeated name so the quiz kindly filled it in when I was trying to answer the next one. Similar for the Jerry one. Cheers – Chris

    • Yeah, there’s an option that lets you let people guess last name only – it works so people don’t have to type so much, but kind of backfires in specific cases. I was trying to figure out why so many people had got the repeated name one… one of the more obscure acts on the list.

      • They were quite popular in the UK. I still hear ‘(spoiler alert) What You Make It’ played on the radio.
        I got the Galveston one by suddenly remembering his sons’ band (after stupidly typing in Glen Campbell a number of times).

        • They’re interesting for me, because I really don’t like their early stuff, but their last three albums are amazing. Most bands start off good, and run out of steam, Talk Talk went backwards.

  4. 22 of 50 which is an improvement over the last installment – I need to get going on checking out your site more. 🙂

        • Yeah, considering our achievements in other things like sports (middle distance running, shotput, mountaineering) and cinema (Peter Jackson, Taka Waititi), our musical heritage is relatively low key. Our two biggest exports are Neil Finn (Crowded House) and Lorde, and I haven’t even covered Lorde yet, although I like her.
          We had a lot of good guitar bands in the 1980s that have a cult following. Straitjacket Fits were late to the scene, but could have been huge. This was voted in the top ten NZ songs of the 20th century:

          • Sounds intriguing. – I’ll check them out. Just want to say I love the internet as it’s very cool that me in the eastern US and you in NZ can share our love of Music. You are first NEw Zealander I have talked to in my life I think😀

          • I live in the Washington DC Baltimore MD area and my friend Mike lives a bit north of Philadelphia PA. We are old college friends.

          • My sister lived in Pennsylvania until recently (but was born in New Zealand). I know a set of twins named Mike and Paul, so you guys remind me of them, except they fight more.

  5. 42/50 and the only ones that I missed that I had even heard of – Sam Phillips, Prefab Sprout and Straitjacket Fits.

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