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Music Quiz: Classic Album Covers

Last week’s Aphoristic Albums Review quiz (Part 1) was a little tough. But one participant Kame, saw, and conquered. Congratulations to Rich Kamerman, who scored 10% more than the next participant, with 40/50.

I’m planning a followup quiz, which I might leave until next week, but in the meantime, let’s get back to normal transmission. Here you need to identify classic rock album covers.

I scored 40/40, although the two more obscure AC/DC albums were a 50/50 guess for me. I had 2:31 to spare. Let me know how you get on.

Here’s a bonus question for this week:

Also according to Sporcle’s stats, 22 people played the quiz last week, and nobody correctly guessed Freedy Johnston. This is his best known song, ‘Bad Reputation’, from 1994:


32 thoughts on “Music Quiz: Classic Album Covers Leave a comment

  1. Well played with the “Kame” reference. Very proud that I earned your shout-out.

    I was a little too quick on one past-related GnR album that kept me from a perfect score this week, so I ended up with 39/40 with 3:17 left on the clock. I’m sure there will be plenty of 40s this week.

    Easy bonus question: the initials are the DK’s. Not much of a punk fan but like some of their stuff. As for Freedy Johnston, I’m a big fan and would have gotten that clue last week had you highlighted a different song.

    By the way, always happy to see the artwork from one of my all-time favorite Pink Floyd albums as the featured image in a blog post.

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  2. 37/40 with 2:17 left. I should have had one more but I got hasty. The thing said, “9/10 dentists agree: You are the BEST. Now go win some cash on FleetWit!” My mother would be so proud. BTW, what the hell is FleetWit?

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  3. 33 of 40 – I have to admit I have never really delved into Pink Floyd so was just guessing and came up zip on those. Bonus q is of course Dead Kennedys – for a straight out punk band, I find some of their song’s melodies pretty catchy. Yes love that Freedy Johnston song.

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  4. It’s a perfect 40/40 with 3:10 on the clock. I was actually disappointed that there wasn’t more variety, but I’ll not complain.

    Bonus question: I actually have a few DK albums, thought I can’t say I’ve ever listened to them (a friend threw them my way a while back). One of the many bands I just haven’t found the time to really listen to.

    Anyhoo, I’m looking forward to part two of your quiz!

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  5. So it appears I somehow (and quite unintentionally!) clicked ‘unfollow’ at some point in the last few weeks as I haven’t been getting your quizzes & posts in my reader!
    My apologies, I’m looking forward to getting caught up – 38/40 this time, it appears I need to brush up on my Pink Floyd

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