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Music Quiz: 1001 Albums, Multiple Entities

We had a whole lotta 100% last week – congratulations to Jim, jprobichaud, Murphy’s Law, Tony, Rich, J., Paul, and Aaron, who all scored full marks. A special shout-out to Rich, who scored the fastest time, having a spare 3:48 remaining.
This week’s challenge is tougher. You are required to name individuals who have been included in 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die book under multiple entities – for instance, the first individual on the list was part of both Allman Brothers Band and Derek and the Dominoes. You may wish to read some to get yourself in the mood for the quiz.
I scored 57/69. There are a few weird quirks – there was one very cryptic set of clues for an artist in the S section, but I’m thankful that I didn’t have to name all the shared members of Parliament and Funkadelic. Unsurprisingly if you’ve read this site, I aced almost everything from before I was born (in 1979), but was less certain on later acts – I can only name three of the Wu Tang guys, and only one of them was eligible.
How did you score?

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  1. If you haven’t tried this one yet. A’s score of 57 is impressive. I got 38/69 or 55%. I distinctly remember saying last time I only wanted easy ones!!! I felt the flop sweat as time was running out and later on seeing answers, there were four or five more I should have had. But as for the rest of them, I wouldn’t recognize their names no matter how long I thought about it. As to quirks, they have three slots for solo Beatles and then there is one kicker in ‘S’- maybe the same one – where it could have theoretically been anybody.

    • I thought The Beatles were OK, but that S one is tricky. Might have helped if they’d specified it was a duo. You’re the only entry so far – it might be a light week.

      • I guess the Beatles one was fair. But then when they only specify three, you might – and I did – waste time plugging in the wrong guy. I”m more annoyed at dumb ones I missed. LIke a Yardbirds guy! I neither know nor care a fig about Wu Tang Clan however.

  2. 56.
    That was possibly my favourite to date. I’m kicking myself on a few of these (Jeff Beck), a coupe were pure luck as I was typing the surnames of those I knew and they happened to share… but I’ll put my hands up to not being able to name a single member of the Wu Tang Clan. ‘Self In Band Name’ caused me to swear too much considering I’m in the office.

  3. Participation is what’s important, right? (just like voting). So I participated, and got 25. Of course I missed some easy ones – I think the number of entries and rushing to answer them caused me to miss a few. But very challenging. Am impressed with Tony getting 56.

  4. A respectable 54/69 for me. I knew the Can solo artist but couldn’t remember the spelling so I really should have scored 55. I knew a few others but they remained in the deep recesses of my overcrowded brain during this quiz. As always, this was a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing.

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