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Music Quiz: Jim and James

Congratulations to Tony (, the only contestant to score 20/20 in last week’s quiz.

This week’s quiz requires you to complete song lyrics that reference Jim or James. I’m expecting Music Enthusiast to do well this week with a home ground advantage.

I scored 19/19 in 2 minutes and 34 seconds. Can you equal my score and beat my time? Bonus marks if you can explain my choice of feature image for this week’s post.

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  1. 19/19. Phew! The pressure was on. It advised me that I, “Nailed it! Take a victory lap.” I will at least tie if not win the (rock) Tony award. I took a page from his book and not only guessed (on about 4) but really thought about my guesses. BTW, Jimmy Mack is one of the tunes. Not giving anything away by saying that. But boy, that is one of the great old tunes from the Motown era.

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