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Haiku Reviews

Here’s a brief summation of recent reviews on this review blog, in haiku form. As my wife pointed out, you can’t get much more aphoristic than a haiku. I’ve haiku’d nine records below, an assortment of more obscure efforts by established artists and newer releases. Hope you find something to enjoy!

charly-bliss-guppyGuppy by Charlie Bliss
2017, 9.5/10

Perky guitar rock
Like Weezer with female singer
Ten excellent songs

genesis-genesisGenesis by Genesis
1983, 7/10

Genesis go pop
Illegal alien blows
Home by the sea rules


fleetwood-mac-the-danceThe Dance by Fleetwood Mac
1997, 6.5/10

Stevie Nicks is back
So is Lindsey Buckingham
Rumours, new songs live


charli-xcx-number-1-angelNumber 1 Angel by Charli XCX
2017, 7/10

English party girl
Futurist electro-pop
3am! Pull up!


charli-xcx-pop2Pop 2 by Charli XCX
2017, 8/10

One year, two mix-tapes
That qualify as albums
Backseat, CRJ


night-time-my-timeNight Time, My Time by Sky Ferreira
2013, 8.5/10

Want to dance AND rock?
Have I got the disc for you!
Needs sequel pronto


Paddy McAloon I Trawl The MegahertzI Trawl The Megahertz by Paddy McAloon
2003, 7.5/10

Mr. Prefab Sprout
Talk-back radio collage
Dreamy, beautiful


Van Morrison Inarticulate Speech of the HeartInarticulate Speech Of The Heart by Van Morrison
1983, 7/10

New age and weird synths
Fuel daft instrumentals
Not for faint of heart


Van Morrison A Sense of WonderA Sense Of Wonder by Van Morrison
1985, 5.5/10

His fifteenth album
Poetry, God, and nature
Not one of his best


15 thoughts on “Haiku Reviews Leave a comment

      • I’m a bit obsessed with his work, that’s how I actually got into Sky Ferreira (‘Night Time, My Time’ is named for a line from Twin Peaks, and she acted in the most recent season of it) — he’s an acquired taste, but his work is incredibly spine-chilling, funny, beautiful, and totally worth delving into if you enjoyed Blue Velvet!

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  1. Lots of charli/charly huh? I’ve never even heard of Guppy despite listening to a total of 55 LPs from 2017. Thanks for the recommendation. I like a couple of Charli XCX tracks, especially her breakthrough single Nuclear Seasons.


    • There’s a ton of music out there, so it’s hard to keep up. It’s not that highly rated on RYM, but I really like it – they have good tunes and an interesting vocalist.

      Charli XCX is fascinating for me at the moment – she has all the materials to be amazing, but she’s not quite sure what she wants to be.

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