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Music Quiz: Three Word Songs

We had three sets of full marks in last week’s quiz – Murphy’s Law, Rich, and Aaron. If I’m interpreting his comment correctly, Murphy’s Law was the fastest, answering 24 questions in less than 2 minutes.
This week’s quiz requires you to click the middle word in 40 pop songs, covering a range of eras.
I scored 40/40 with 01:34 to spare – can you equal my score and beat my time? I was lucky – I’m not very well versed in Bruno Mars beyond ‘Uptown Funk’, but made a fortuitous guess. Good luck!

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  1. 38/40. Probably doesn’t matter that I had twelve seconds left. It asked me if I had considered having my own theme music which I suppose would be a mix of the Bond theme with Peter Gunn.

  2. 38/40 for me. I’ll blame the fact that I was listening to the quad mix of Pink Floyd’s “Atom Heart Mother” as I took the quiz so the musical part of my brain was distracted. But in reality I wouldn’t have done any better in complete silence.

  3. It was easy, 40/40 with 2:13 left, the only one I had trouble with was the Styx one and I sorta guessed it

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