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Music Quiz: Which Band Member II?

Congratulations to everyone who made full marks in last week’s 2000s quiz – Rich, Murphy’s Law, and Tony all scored 100%, but Tony was able to finish incredibly quickly.
This week’s challenge requires you to identify the named band member in photos.
I struggled a little, scoring 16/20 – there’s a few acts outside the boundaries of rock and roll, like The Three Tenors and Brooks and Dunn.
Let me know how you get on.

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  1. A respectable 18/20 this week. I’m kinda pleased that I didn’t know that member of Black Eyed Peas. Brooks & Dunn was also a 50/50 chance that I missed. All others were very easy. I’m guessing there will be several perfect scores this week.

  2. “Tony was able to finish incredibly quickly”… steady on mate. It’s a bit early for that level of innuendo.
    19/20 – I’ve never heard of Brooks and Dunne (do they sing country songs about trucks?) failed me while I was at least able to guess a Tenor.

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