Coldplay A Rush of Blood to the Head

Ruined By A Letter Song Titles: Music Quiz

I was pretty amazed when we got three 30/30 in last week’s tough trivia contest – congratulations to Geoff, Tony, and Murphy’s Law.

This weeks is based in the 2000s, and requires you to fix a song title by changing a letter.

I scored full marks with 2:28 remaining. Can you beat my time?

If you missed it, we had a bonus quiz in Sunday’s Pixies post – J and I are leading so far with 14/30 – if you’d like to join the fun, read the bottom of



  1. 21/24. If I was more careful I could have gotten them all. This is a much a test of the English language as anything. Side note – that list of 2000-era songs shows you how feeble rock had become by then in terms of any sort of pre-eminence. That said, I did enjoy “Let’s get the pasty started.”

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    1. Yes, sometimes I shy away from more modern quizzes, given my reader demographics, but I thought this one was very well put together, and as much a case of English logic as music knowledge.


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