Music Quiz: Ranker's 25 Greatest Guitarists

Congratulations to Rich, Steve, and Aaron who scored full marks in last week’s Rolling Stones quiz.
This week’s challenge requires you to name the top 25 guitarists from Ranker’s list of best guitarists, with the help of some song titles. Because it’s Ranker, it’s effectively a list of community consensus, rather than a panel of experts.
I scored 19/25 – can you beat me?


  1. Hey, now. Thanks for throwing me a bone on this one. 25/25. As a guitarist, I could not afford to NOT get these. There were three I could not place and just started throwing out names and they landed.

  2. 17 of 25 then was drawing blanks. I also didn’t like having to try to spell. 🙂 Had to go to Google a few times

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