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Music Quiz: Epic Countdown


  1. How did you get 12/15 when the link you provided had 100 clues? For what it’s worth, I got 99/100 with 0:24 left on the clock. So close to perfection but so “fa.”

  2. I think you may have put in a different link than you intended. It didn’t bring me to anything like the graphic you showed nor was it X out of 15. There were 100 questions, like, Who are the Spice Girls? or Name two Grunge bands. So I took it. I got 89/100 but now I realize I probably took the wrong test. Did it misdirect? Click on the link you posted, see what happens.

    • I changed my mind about what quiz to feature after I started the post. But let’s runs with the original, /100, one, since a couple of you have already done it. I’ve changed the description to match.

  3. 94/100. Some were honest mistakes (sections of orchestra I hit cello before realizing my error), and some were like I don’t know all the Michael Jackson albums.
    Just being funny here, but I REALLY wanted Beelzebub to be one of the Spice Girls.

  4. 100! With 0:30 left – but only because we were allowed to skip and come back (I was reluctant to lock in answers without having seen all the categories)

  5. 89/100 as I would click and not realize the topic changed.

  6. 71%. Man was that hard. It was mostly difficult scrolling thru the choices to
    Match up what I already knew and guessing where rhe answers were going to be.

  7. 100! GREAT quiz – really enjoyed this one, took a while and some thinking. Though what’s so unusual about ‘Bismillah’?

    • Perfect score! Unfortunately I’d already written this week’s quiz post the night before, so you miss out on an official shoutout for tied for 100, but great work.

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