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Music Quiz: More Dropped Albums

Congratulations to the plethora of contestants who scored full marks in last week’s Unfinished Albums quiz.
This week’s quiz requires you to recognise 16 dropped albums.
I scored 16/16 – can you join me on full marks? If you found it a bit easy, head over to https://vinylconnection.com.au/2018/06/05/album-cover-quiz-the-eighties/ for a tougher challenge.


  1. Doing well until the bevy of young women at the end. Not my scene at all, at all. Still, some lucky guesses landed 15.
    And thanks for the link. Must be almost time for another Vinyl Connection decade album quiz.

  2. 16/16 with about 2:20 left, but only after I restarted the puzzle about 5 seconds into it. I thought I knew the rules and goofed, so if a restart counts, I nailed it! If not, I died at 0:05 into it hahaha!

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