Music Quiz: Unfinished Albums

Congratulations to Boppin’s Blog and Tony, who both scored full marks in last week’s round of death.
This week’s quiz involves trivia about unfinished albums.
I got 14/14, but it was still an interesting read through some great acts. What did you score?

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  1. Full marks with 4:05 left on the clock. A few I really had no idea about, but the clues were maybe giving a bit too much away.

    • Yes, I prefer to think of it as an interesting source of knowledge than a super challenging quiz. There are a few I would have struggled on with more succinct clues.

  2. 14 / 14 – a lot of these were given away but still a fun, interesting one. Always curious to see what’s in an artists vault and the non-death related reasons they don’t release it

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