Music Quiz: Lego

Congratulations to Music Enthusiast Jim, who successfully named 35 of the 37 women in the rock and roll hall of fame.

This week’s quiz requires you to name the musical acts from their Lego representations.


I scored 20/20, and I suspect a few other participants will too, but it’s a cute, fun quiz.

For more Lego and popular music, visit https://jatstorey.com/


  1. 16/20. That was a fun one, though. There was a least one other I should have gotten, but alas

  2. 17/20. Never would have got the other three!

  3. Excellent quiz and thank you kindly for the mention. 16/20 for me.

  4. 20/20! With a few minutes to spare!

  5. 20/20 with a couple minutes left. I had trouble with one, but finally spelled it right.

  6. 19/20, but the one I really should have gotten the one that I didn’t. Really good fun, though!

  7. Add me to the 20/20 group this week. It was fairly easy but a certain metal band threw me off because of the lead singer’s short hair. The 6-man lineup eventually gave it away. This was a fun one.

  8. 20/20… some of those were really stretching the limits of “likeness”

  9. 12/20. Some were easy, others were tough.

  10. 20/20 with 5:50 to go. I want all of those Lego minfigs!

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