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Music Quiz: Make the Band Name

Congratulations to 1001 Albums Geoff, who scored full marks in last week’s tough singer geography quiz.

This week you need to put together 9 letter band names.

Normally I don’t find time a problem, but this week I really needed more time to work through all the permutations, and I only scored 42/90. I’m sure some of my bright readers can outshine me. Let me know how you get on.


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  1. 18/90…Not very good. 10-12 of the bands I had never heard of. Perhaps if I’d done the quiz first thing and not late in the evening my score would be higher!

  2. We’re back to being tied! The first 10 names or so arrived quickly, but then it took most of the time to add just 4 more names, the ‘coy’ one arriving near the buzzer!

    • Good work. I got the coy one too, as we’re both children of the 1990s. I more chipped away at them regularly – pretty sure I would have got more with more time.

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